Iceland 2021 lava

One of our primary reasons for returning to Iceland was to see the active volcano, and we did – sort of! At the beginning of our trip we visited Fagradalsfjall but it was too foggy to see the volcano itself (and most of the paths to get close views are now cut off by lava flows!), but we did get to see flowing lava more than a mile from the crater itself – and it was spectacular/amazing (and HOT!)

At the end of our trip we returned, to find the lava flow had hardly increased and was now completely cold in some places (lava took different paths now!); we took some more photos anyway.

I also created a video of the flowing lava from our first visit, uploaded to YouTube

Iceland 2021 glaciers

Our previous trip took us on an organized walk on a glacier and while we didn’t want to do that again, we did want to see at least one glacier close-up; though it’s quite easy to see glaciers in the distance just while driving in Iceland!

Astonishingly we found one near Vik that we were able to walk right to the base of and touch (an easy walk, too!) …

Another glacier we visited via boat on a lagoon!