Iceland 2017 glaciers and icebergs

Traveling in Iceland we almost always saw distant snow-capped mountains; when closer we could see “snow rivers” rolling down the sides – glaciers of course, like this one:

One highlight during the week was a trip on to a glacial lake; the distant glacier delivers both meltwater to create the lake and broken off icebergs that drift slowly out of the lake and to the ocean – where many then wash up on the beach. Stunning views in every direction:

Later still, we took a hike ONTO a glacier. This was quite a strange experience, with the hard packed and dirty glacier snow looking and feeling more like rock than ice – but with regular cracks and crevices to remind you that the ground isn’t as safe and secure as it looks …

Iceland by Google

I use Google Photos as an automatic backup of all my photos (Apple’s iCloud is the primary service, synchronizing everything between iPhone / iPad / portable and desktop Mac and thus creating backups everywhere!)

This morning Google Photos prompted me that it had created an album of our trip – and it’s pretty neat, especially where it’s inserted the Icelandic location names! Click this link or the screenshot below, to try it out …

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.10.59 AM.png

Iceland 2017 video

We’re just back from ten days in Iceland, with such VERY different scenery (and weather) from what we’re used to in Florida. Mountains, glaciers, black sand beaches – and a need to wear a coat every day (but luckily very little rain).

I’ll be posting pictures in a while but for now here’s a nice video creation from our trip: