Two into one

Our furniture from 42 Gee Ave arrived today in a big truck (only a small part of the truck had our stuff!); we’d cleared one guest room, and left space in the garage, but it’s still surprising how full 8002 now is, with two homes of stuff! Even the fridge is covered:

While Margaret has managed to pack two kitchens into one, and is working on the clothing (though our closet here is much smaller than our old one), there remains a good store of belongings and furniture that will likely remain boxed till we move to Independence


It’s strange to talk about moving house, and to arrive back at 8002 which we’ve owned now for more than five years and already lived here for nearly six months this year – but now we’ve completed the sale of our Gloucester, Massachusetts home, and own only 8002, I guess we have moved!

I took some last photos of our old home, before we left:

All the best to new owners, Pete & Tara; and goodbye, for now, to our neighbors and good friends Pat & Dave, and Joanne & Earle, and their families.

Packing continues …

Margaret has done more and more packing this past week while I work, and we’re getting close now to having packed everything except the kitchen and clothing, ie: things still in use!
There’s a few clusters of packed boxes in the house, down in the basement, and upstairs in the guest bedroom which is now without a bed so a good place to stack boxes!

The big black frame on the right is a second bench test rig cart, for use in Florida; it works much better than the simple shelves I have at 8002 right now (allowing easy access to connections behind), and Matt, Michel and Tim assembled it over the last few weeks ready for the move.

Meanwhile in the living room, we unplugged the amplifiers and speakers today, leaving just the television connected to Apple TV, which anyway is pretty much our only source of TV entertainment! Leaves the room a bit bare, and sounds much worse …