Three cats!

Margaret recently decided it had been long enough with no cat in our home, and arranged to visit two “rescue” cats nearby (through Candy Cats); there was a pair who had to be adopted together … we then learned that the pair had been outdoor strays and had had a litter of kittens, with just one now left un-adopted … of course it ended up that we adopted all three! Here they are being collected:

Top left is the boy “Jack Jack”; top right is the easily scared and very fluffy girl “Jenny” (called “Jill” when we picked them up, but Margaret renamed her) … bottom left is the kitten “Flora”.

Here are the three a week later, when they were settled enough to be out and about – very much favoring Margaret (maybe because she feeds them?!):

And here’s an assortment of all three of them, over the last month …

By now, some five weeks since we picked them up, Jenny is still scared of many things (including standing up, and shoes!) while Jack Jack and Flora are bothered by very little … no doubt they will be keeping us busy for a long time.

Goodbye, Chloe

We’ve cared for Chloe for almost 12 years now, and today we had to make the sudden and sad decision to let her go! Over the last few days she spent more time away in a quiet room rather than with us, then stopped eating, and by this morning couldn’t even drink her water … some consolation at least that the change was so rapid and hopefully her suffering wasn’t too awful.

Here’s memories of better days …

Chloe with depth

Checking out the newly rebuilt website I noticed that I’ve not posted any pictures of Chloe for more than two years (I blame Facebook, I just post quick pics there instead of here!); so let’s fix that with this photo I took this afternoon, using the “depth” / portrait feature of iPhone 7 Plus (it blurs the background to make the main subject stand out more):