Owl close-ups, and chicks

This morning “Daddy” Great Horned Owl was in a tree at the edge of the lake near our home, allowing me the chance to take some great close-up photos


I took some of “Mummy” Owl on the nest, too:

What I only realized tonight, looking through these pictures, is that there’s two white fluffy chicks in the nest! The last picture is cropped closer and you should be able to spot hints of beak and eyes in the two white fluff patches under the parent owl!


I took a couple more photos this evening at Sunset, apparently at “the changing of the guard” – Daddy watching over the chicks while Mummy spread her wings for a while.¬†Again, you can see the fluffy chicks in the nest:

Tropicanna Gold

With the replanting after our pool build this year, we had a number of Ginger plants, nice with their variegated leaves. They seem to struggle with the summer sunshine, but we bought a few more anyway – and the new ones seemed to do much better with the heat.
One of the new plants is now flowering quite spectacularly and it’s clearly not a Ginger at all! It seems to be Tropicanna Gold, which would explain why it’s doing so much better than the “other” Ginger plants!