So far we’ve seen lots of animals on St John; some, like the cat begging at the restaurant, or the lizards everywhere at Moon Cottage, are not so unusual, but how about this wonderful Hermit Crab that visits in the evening, or the Tree Frog that prefers to hang out and catch insects under a light on the wall …

Driving to Moon Cottage

The roads here in St John are incredible, constantly uphill or down, tight turns, switchbacks, blind side roads – thankfully the speed limit is 20 and we have a four wheel drive Jeep for when things get really tricky!
I’ve tried taking pictures but the roads always look much flatter and easier than they really are, so how about this picture taken from the other side of Coral Bay:

The cluster of homes at the bottom is where we start climbing, straight up the road you see to the right of them. Then a 160 right climbing to a near 180 left and climbing again – you can see the two angled lines slicing through the trees going up the hill.
After that, it gets challenging; the road is dirt and rocks with big potholes and bigger culverts to negotiate. My MINI wouldn’t make the first 100 yards!
At the very end, to the house, is a straight climb at about 25 degrees, having to pull a severe left at the top in to the parking spot, before hitting any trees. But it’s quite fun …

Here’s a Google Maps view of the winding road (though you can’t see the climb in this view):

And here’s my attempt to show the climb of the last few yards to the parking spot: