Babson Boulders Memories

Near to where we lived in Massachusetts is Dogtown; a trail there takes us past boulders carved with inspiring messages, created nearly 100 years ago. We walked there a few years ago and I posted pictures at the time.

Now the modern technology of Apple Photos Memories is creating nice auto videos from my photos, and today it created this one:

Thanks, Apple!

Pirates & Pals fireworks voyage

We recently bid / won tickets to the Disney Pirates & Pals fireworks voyage, and thanks to great help from Todd & Raymond, we were able to board the voyage last night while our guests are still visiting.
The voyage begins from the Disney Contemporary resort, meeting pirates including Captain Hook and Mr Smee; after snacks, we board a “pirate ship” guided by a fabulously entertaining Disney pirate, and head out to the Seven Seas Lagoon and wait for the Magic Kingdom fireworks to begin … Music and narration plays, giving a perfect sound / light show with amazing views of the fireworks – they make Cinderella’s castle look tiny and they are further enhanced by reflections on the water:

This was a fabulous evening, rewarding us with an amazing view and no crowds! Definitely a great way to enjoy the Disney Magic Kingdom fireworks …

Alternate Wild Africa Trek

One of our favorite extra cost Disney tours is Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom. We’ve done this tour a few times already (2011, 2012, 2013) but with Margaret’s Mum unable to climb rope ladders and bridges, we didn’t think it was suitable.
But Disney being Disney, of course there’s a solution – the “alternate” Wild Africa Trek which replaces the early rope bridge part of the tour with extra time parkside. I expected this to be a little less fun, but it turned out that today was the best yet; mostly because the animals really stepped up their game – pure luck – but if you take a photo like this, how can the day go wrong:

That picture was near the end of our tour, but we had an amazing time earlier with birds, Giraffe and of course the delicious lunch:

KSC March 2013

Today we visited the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex again, with Margaret’s sister Kate and their Mother. First to greet us was a new welcome “sculpture”, quite lovely.

Then we again did the “close up tour” out to launch pad 39A; for the first time, I noticed the “scouring” on the blast walls; you can see the sunlight lit diagonal scratches, presumably following the direction of the exhaust gases:

We also, of course, did the Apollo 8 launch simulation, Apollo 11 landing simulation, and viewed the Saturn V exhibit: