Back to SeaWorld

It’s been years since we last visited Sea World but with their good pricing and special offers (like “bring a guest”) we returned yesterday and had a fun time! The weather was great, and the park wasn’t busy (easy to get seats for the shows, and walk-on for the Atlantis ride!) … I took lots of photos of the sting rays, dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, etc:

I took various videos too, and edited them together:

Winter Garden Heritage Tree walk

This morning we joined “Bloom and Grow” on a walking tour of some of the impressive “heritage” trees in Winter Garden, mostly older trees that have been around since before most of the town existed – or sometimes a tree with particularly interesting history (planted by someone important to the town, for example). All the trees have a plaque that names them with a QR code to scan for more information!

Here’s some photos I took (and head over to their website for more information):

Leu Gardens Dazzling Nights 2022

We returned to Leu Gardens this evening to catch the final night of the “Dazzling Nights” lights show; it was quite different to last years event but still very enjoyable – especially the laser/lights/music show which I have some video of at the end of this post. Meanwhile, lots of photos of course!

And here as promised, some video from the music synchronized laser/lights that we found – when we got there two performers were singing live, later it was recordings but it was all good!