Babson Boulders Memories

Near to where we lived in Massachusetts is Dogtown; a trail there takes us past boulders carved with inspiring messages, created nearly 100 years ago. We walked there a few years ago and I posted pictures at the time.

Now the modern technology of Apple Photos Memories is creating nice auto videos from my photos, and today it created this one:

Thanks, Apple!

A walk in Gloucester

After our visit to Halibut Point State Park, we drove into Gloucester to take a walk around the shops, harbor, etc. Here’s a view of Gloucester Harbor, and close-ups of┬áthe famous Cape Pond Ice and the Paint Manufactory:



We then walked round to Stacy Boulevard with it’s beautiful display of American Flags, and of course the other Gloucester icon, the Man At Wheel statue:

A walk in Gloucester

We’re back in Massachusetts this weekend, for PG Trionic‘s 20th anniversary celebration. It’s quite amazing that our company has succeeded for this long; we had a really difficult beginning – but Christian’s ever present confidence is surely a big reason why we’re all still working here.
We’re staying in an “AirBnB” home, about 1.5 miles from where we used to live and with a nice water view:

I took a walk this morning (about 50f) along that 1.5 miles, past our old home and around Goose Cove reservoir; here’s the track of my walk, and some pictures of my walk around Goose Cove reservoir: