40 years at the beach

Well, not really … but Apple Photo Memories recently offered up a selection of close-to-beach photos, and I then took the idea to it’s extreme.

The photos here go back as far as a family holiday to Brixham, Devon in England in the 1970s, past our honeymoon in the Canary Islands, and to more recent locations including Gloucester and Rockport where we used to live …

A walk in Gloucester

After our visit to Halibut Point State Park, we drove into Gloucester to take a walk around the shops, harbor, etc. Here’s a view of Gloucester Harbor, and close-ups of┬áthe famous Cape Pond Ice and the Paint Manufactory:



We then walked round to Stacy Boulevard with it’s beautiful display of American Flags, and of course the other Gloucester icon, the Man At Wheel statue:

A walk in Gloucester

We’re back in Massachusetts this weekend, for PG Trionic‘s 20th anniversary celebration. It’s quite amazing that our company has succeeded for this long; we had a really difficult beginning – but Christian’s ever present confidence is surely a big reason why we’re all still working here.
We’re staying in an “AirBnB” home, about 1.5 miles from where we used to live and with a nice water view:

I took a walk this morning (about 50f) along that 1.5 miles, past our old home and around Goose Cove reservoir; here’s the track of my walk, and some pictures of my walk around Goose Cove reservoir: