Moving Day!

Over the last couple of weeks, Margaret has been packing our “old” home (Independence) and this past weekend we rented a U-Haul truck to move the more breakable items from my office (test equipment, computers) as well as other fragile things. But today was the “big move” with a company arriving to take everything to our new home (Stanton Estates) …

It took two trips and 7 hours in total, with much more time for Margaret & I to start unpacking and putting things away so our new home is a little less chaotic than it was when everything arrived!

But tonight, we’ve got our bedroom sorted, somewhere to sit and eat, and my office is ready enough that I’ll be back to work in the morning … beyond that, we’ve got a lot more to do in the next few weeks!


Herons are back at Independence

One effect of Hurricane Irma last summer was to destroy the original Heron nest in the tree behind our home so we wondered if the Herons would return. Now we see they’ve moved to a smaller, lower down, nest in the tree in front of the original one – and today I’ve been able to capture some photos of one parent flying in and joining the other:


In the very cold (for Florida) weather last week, I also got a picture of the Heron in the nest, perhaps sheltering chicks with wings stretched in a sort of igloo (I don’t know if there are chicks, but this is what I interpreted!):



Sunset by Nikon

Another lovely sunset view tonight; I quickly took a picture with my always ready iPhone, but then also got my Nikon and took a photo with that – comparing them revealed just how much the iPhone still needs to improve, in low light!

Here’s the Nikon photo (click for bigger version):


And here as a comparison, the iPhone image:


Independence Aerial Tour

When our friends Pedro & Laura (and their son Christian) visited over Thanksgiving, Pedro used his new and very impressive DJI drone to take aerial views over our home, and has now created this excellent aerial tour – enjoy!


Thanks, Pedro 🙂


Hurricane Irma

This hurricane has been slowly approaching Florida for a week or more and it’s path has drifted east / west / back; yesterday it finally got close enough to see it’s route, heading to our west but bringing rain and winds to us for sure. Even then, Irma changed path again during the afternoon and swung back east so that it tracked almost straight over us in central Florida! Overnight last night was dramatic, crazy, and scary!


Throughout the night, as well as howling wind and crazy rain, there were crashing sounds of things hitting the house – and this morning we found out why; a chunk of our roof was blown off in the night, and scattered all around!


We do have water on the ceiling of the bedroom below that roof, so we’re going to urgently need to get some repairs – although right now Orange County remains under curfew so no travel …

I did though go for a walk outside and took photos around – there’s a lot of blown over trees, and some broken ones too; the worst wind damage we’ve seen since moving to Florida – and that last view is normally dry, not full of water!


On our front porch, one bush is fine and another is stripped of every leaf!



But we’re all fine here, we still have electricity (and air conditioning), running water, and apart from the roof nothing is damaged.


UPDATE (Thursday): with huge thanks to Ace Hardware, and Alexy, our damaged roof is now covered to protect it from any further rain getting into the roof!