Ian gets a MINI

Picked up my new MINI today from Boston – black with white roof and sunroof, sports package, auto a/c, cruise control, heated seats, driving lights … and buckets and buckets of CUTE!

Great fun driving through Boston with the pedestrians staring and smiling at the car while sitting at lights, and great fun driving on the highways too!

Ian buys a MINI

I cannot wait 9 months for a MINI! I have signed on to MINICooperOnline and learned everything I can about these great cars, and I simply cannot wait.
So today I discovered there are two dealerships near Boston; I called the other one and found a Black non-S available with all options except Leather and Navigation. We drove into Boston to the other local dealership, test drove the MC and bought it immediately.
It has all the options (except navigation), including a sunroof, automatic a/c, heated seats, etc. I saw a MINI ready for pick-up with these cute “driving lights” on the front, so I ordered them for my MINI too. The dealership also insists on some “extras” (Lojack, paint protection) for the privelege of getting the car immediately. I can live with that … now I just need to wait a few days until I can pick it up.

Ian discovers MINI

Today I learned of the new (BMW) MINI Cooper – I was told about it while visiting the Lexus dealership to have my RX-300 serviced!
Visited my local dealership (MINI Peabody) and test drove both models, then placed an order with Joel for a Chili Red S. But there is a 9 month wait!.