Click “YES” and it’s all gone :(

So what happens if you aren’t paying attention and accidentally click “YES” to the wrong question … in this particular case the question was along the lines of “are you sure you want to delete when there’s not enough room in the recycle bin”.
I was reviewing the setup on my PC to allow my new portable to get access to all my data – I started copying the relevant data (Outlook files, etc) to the shared folder, then realized it wasn’t copying but moving them. Wrong – so I aborted and (error) deleted the files – I should have done an “undo move” but I didn’t, and clicked “YES” before realizing what I’d done.

OK. No problem. That’s what my USB backup drive is for.
Or not.
It apparently doesn’t contain the really useful backup data, like my Outlook files 😦
I think maybe the Google desktop keeps the Outlook files open, so they don’t get backed up!

So anyway.
I’ve now lost the last ten years email archives. Unless I can find any ancient CD backups (which I think I trashed after buying the USB backup drive).
Lesson One: Read and read again those Windows messages that you always just click “YES” to. One day, it’ll be the wrong message.
Lesson Two: Don’t trust the USB backup drive and/or the NH Backup program 😦

So, friends & family, please send me an email “Hi” so I can get a copy of your email address!

3 thoughts on “Click “YES” and it’s all gone :(

  1. There are programs out there you may be able to try that could still help you in recovering those files. They’re still on your hard-drive there’s just no tags pointing to them. Until that part of the disk has had info recorded over top of the old data, the files will remain there. I’ve seen programs for just such and error, I believe there used to be a program called “un-delete”. It may prove worth looking into.

    Good luck 🙂


  2. I actually did buy that program and try it, Derek – but it only recovered total garbage files unfortunately.

    I should have done the recovery before the restore from backup …

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