MTTS 11 – bad weather and a near miss

Todays drive was recommended to travel Ohio River Byway 52 – more interesting than the highway. But long and with few passing places, and little chance to see the river …

Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated as we approached Charleston, and suddenly a bad driver travelling with no lights and hassling us too closely, loses control and spirals towards Georges GP in front of me – thankfully he spotted her and braked, avoiding most of the impact, suffering just a split in the front bumper!
So everyone’s fine, but we were very glad to reach the hotel tonight!

One thought on “MTTS 11 – bad weather and a near miss

  1. So glad to hear that you are safe and that the damage was not worse. We ran that same by-way at night while on One Lap — it was one of the few route decisions we also regretted.

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