Grand Opening!

We visited the new MINI of Peabody a few weeks ago, but tonight was the official Grand Opening – and there was a huge turnout of people! Special guests included Gerry Matthews (who used to be MINI USA North East Regional Manager but has now switched to BMW), and everyones favorite Vice President, Jim McDowell! But perhaps the most special guest was a MINI Countryman that cut the ribbon – many attendees had never seen the Countryman before – and there were MANY attendees.

Lots of people I’d never met before too (though a few well known folks like Ivan, Heidi, Richard, and Keith with his dog Hudson); MINI of Peabody staff were of course out in force and looking unusual in suits, while owner Warren gave lots of nice speeches!

As if the main showroom was not enough with it’s food and the ribbon cutting, everyone headed down to the workshop – which had been transformed in to a near disco with color-changing lights and great live music! The lead singers arrived – of course – in the Countryman!

4 thoughts on “Grand Opening!

  1. Sorry I missed everyone, I was there early but they were still mostly setting up and sadly only a few people are left at MOP that I know, so I headed home for diner at 6:20. I know I was missing the main event but could wait around till 8 or so for the countryman. 

  2. Gary cleans up pretty well! It appears you can dress him up and take him out in public too 🙂
    Looks like a great celebration. Not too many of the original Old Skool group there ….hmmm, that could be a good idea for a one-off tshirt.

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